Learn how to weave tapestry from start to finish with a focus on form and experimentation!

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Is this course for you?

At Warped Fibers, we believe in learning how to do things the right way first and we encourage experimentation always.

What does that mean?

There are many different ways that you can weave tapestry. So when I say "the right way" what I mean is the ways that tapestry has traditionally been taught. While this can differ somewhat depending on the part of the world you are looking at, there are also many similarities in the way woven cloth can come together to create imagery and shapes.

There are also a lot of ways that you can weave tapestry that just include shortcuts and ignore proper techniques (ignoring your sides, forgetting your tails, using incorrect yarn, etc.)

We don't do that here.

You will learn the rules so you can break the rules (if you want to!)

Experimentation is the spice of life (that's the saying, right?)

Taking what you learn and being able to experiment is what can differentiate you from other weavers. I want you to be able to make tapestry your own and push the limits of what tapestry is.

So if this sounds like the way you like to learn, well, then this course is for you!

"That sounds like me but..."

"I've never woven before."

Fantastic! You don't need any previous weaving experience to take this course. You do need to know how to set up your loom, but beyond that, I will teach you the basics and beyond.

"I already know how to weave patterns, but I've never woven tapestry."

This is a great course for you too! Weaving patterns and weaving tapestry have some things in common, but they are also very different. Your materials can change and the techniques that you use in tapestry aren't usually used in pattern weaving. So this is a great course to learn something new!

"I have woven tapestry before, but I would like a refresher."

Everyone is going to weave and teach differently. Learning from many people can be a great way to develop your own style and find out what works best for you. Refreshing your skills can also refresh your tapestries, and this course can help you do that.

What You Will Learn

  • What is Tapestry and what makes it different?
  • The best materials to use and what you need to get started
  • How EPI affects your tapestry
  • How to use a cartoon or draw on your warp
  • Starting and stopping one color
  • How to weave straighter (no more trapezoids!)
  • What are weft tails and what do you do with them?
  • Discontinuous weft and how to fix it if you make a mistake
  • 3 different weft interaction techniques
  • How to weave more than 3 colors in a pick
  • How to weave geometric shapes! (squares, triangles, and circles)
  • Weaving complex and organic shapes (and following your cartoon)
  • Texture techniques (pile weaves and soumak)
  • Extra weaving techniques (inlay and pick-and-pick)
  • 2 different warp finishing techniques (half-damascus and Philippine edging)
  • Securing your weft tails
  • Hanging and storage options

& More!

(You can also check out the curriculum below!)

Hi! I'm Nicole

I am a weaver and fiber artist that loves to share her passion with anyone willing to listen! I started weaving in 2013 as a student at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) and I haven't stopped since. I have been teaching people how to weave since 2015 with my in-person classes at local art centers, yarn shops, and a semester as adjunct faculty at VCU. I have taught frame weaving (2 and 4 selvedge), weaving on a floor loom, tapestry, embroidery weaving, introduction to textiles, and more!

I began Warped Fibers at the beginning of 2020 so that I could connect and teach more people about the wonderful world of weaving (gotta love alliteration!) Weaving is a fun, meditative, historically significant, and enriching skill that ANYONE can learn.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need to know anything before I can take this course?

A: Yes, and no. You do need to know how to set up your loom. This course will not teach you that, but you do not need to know how to weave! Weft-Faced goes over how to start weaving from the very beginning and will take you through finishing a project.

Q: What kind of loom do I need?

A: You can weave tapestry on any loom that can hold a nice tight tension (think guitar strings). You can use almost any floor loom or a frame loom for this. Nicole will be using a simple frame loom for the course, but you don't have to. The tapestry techniques are the same regardless of what loom you have!

Q: Can I share this course?

A: No. When you purchase this course you are promising that you will be the sole viewer and will not distribute the pdf's or any other course contents. BUT, I would love it if you told your friends and family about it so they can purchase the course for themselves!

Q: Will I receive emails from Warped Fibers after purchase?

A: Yes, when you purchase this course or any e-book from Warped Fibers you will automatically be added to our email list. But, don't worry! You can unsubscribe at anytime. If you stay on the list, though, then you will have access to updates, weaving tips, a community page with freebies, and more!

Do you have any other questions? Still not sure if this course is right for you? Please send Nicole an email at [email protected] and she can answer them before you purchase the course!

This course is closed for enrollment.